Vandring omkring Møns Klint

Finally! I have braved the cliff photo pile. Møns Klint is a stretch of chalk cliffs along the south eastern edge of Denmark. Towering to 120 metres, they are actually (some may say pitifully) one of the highest points in Denmark.* This may be one of the few countries that makes me feel better about Australia's … Continue reading Vandring omkring Møns Klint


Exchanging a foreign driving licence in Denmark

If you aren’t a recent immigrant to Denmark then probably just skip this post entirely – this is a local post for local people, there is nothing for you here. Our usual service focusing on seasonal baked goods and statues with gratuitous bosoms will resume shortly. Up until recently, expats with Australian, US or Canadian … Continue reading Exchanging a foreign driving licence in Denmark

Kirsebærblomster og se på fugle

Our commitment to integration knows no bounds, so this weekend we made like every other person in København and headed to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the cherry blossoms (kirsebærblomster) in bloom. I know, so basic of us - that's what integration is all about, right? We really leaned in to it by going at midday on a Saturday, for … Continue reading Kirsebærblomster og se på fugle

Thorvaldsens Museum

As if getting access to socialised medicine isn't enough, when you get your Danish CPR number you also get free tickets to a museum as well. With the expiry date approaching, and quite frankly no idea what the museum was about, we went to Thorvaldsens Museum. Turns out Bertel Thorvaldsen did a whole lot of impressive neoclassicistic statues … Continue reading Thorvaldsens Museum

Klatring og vandrer planløst

We are slowly trying to resume something that looks like a normal life here, and so that means finding a climbing gym. The good news is we found a really awesome one in Refshaleøen (Københavns Klatrecenter Blocs & Walls). The bad news is its in Denmark, so to do anything except bouldering we need a special Danish safety … Continue reading Klatring og vandrer planløst