Udtagningen østers

What was once the thriving port of Ribe is now a giant tidal flat - terrible for merchants, great for migratory sea birds. The Vadehavet, or Wadden Sea, runs along the west coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Although it is currently protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Area, Pacific oysters were previously introduced in the 1980s. These oysters are … Continue reading Udtagningen østers

Rejste til Ribe og Odense

Having cheated on Denmark with Hungary over Easter, we tried to make amends last weekend by heading into the Danish countryside. We ventured west to Ribe in south Jutland, to shuck some oysters and see some starlings fly around. Before we could experience the wonders of Jutland, we had to cross from Zealand (the island where Copenhagen is) to … Continue reading Rejste til Ribe og Odense