Klatring og vandrer planløst

We are slowly trying to resume something that looks like a normal life here, and so that means finding a climbing gym. The good news is we found a really awesome one in Refshaleøen (Københavns Klatrecenter Blocs & Walls). The bad news is its in Denmark, so to do anything except bouldering we need a special Danish safety certificate that costs a whole pile of kronuts to get… I guess we are about to get really good at bouldering while looking longingly at these awesomely tall top-rope and lead climbing routes:

blog IMG_20160409_184433929

A lovely thing about this gym is that you ride past some nice scenery while getting there and back, especially now the sun is setting so late. Ant will be very upset if I don’t mention at this point that he chooses very good scenic routes for us to take, and that he is always right and therefore I should not argue with him, even when it looks like his chosen path is a terrible option (which in my defence, it often does).

I will grudgingly concede he was right about this particular route home.

blog IMG_20160409_193532243_HDR
My new dream is to live on one of these houseboats
blog IMG_20160409_193930978_HDR
Providing my other dream of living on this boat falls through
blog IMG_20160409_194915379_HDR
Ant looking pleased with himself in his ‘safety bonnet’
blog IMG_20160409_194729813_HDR
Looking across the harbour to our hood

It was on our way home that we saw the best thing we have seen in Denmark so far: the hot-tub-boat (or boat-hot-tub?). Hard to know what to call this, but it seems to provide incontrovertible proof that the Danes are both amazing geniuses and unhinged crazy people:

blog IMG_20160409_195410369_HDR
I felt a bit weird taking this picture, but I think we can all agree that this needed to be captured

It was basically a boat, that was also a hot tub with a wood fired heater, and with a drinks esky trailing behind in the cold water. Every so often one of them would roll back out of the tub into the cold harbour, and then scramble back in to the tub. These guys really know how to live.

I now need to know how I can commandeer one for myself, or failing that make one from scratch – Wayno, a retirement project for you maybe? I’ll start drawing up plans…

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