Last week winter finally decided to show up with some snow and subzero temperatures. Despite being Scandinavian, Copenhagen only gets snow once or twice a year, so the novelty factor is extremely high. I thought everyone sweltering in Sydney would like to see how the other half are living right now, so I took some photos … Continue reading Sne!


After a very lovely late burst of summer in September, October really decided to change things up. One day the max daily temperature just fell ten degrees overnight, from 22ºC to 12ºC, and all of a sudden it was autumn. The good news is that Copenhagen is very, very beautiful when all the leaves are … Continue reading Efterår

Tilbage i Danmark

Now that we are back in Copenhagen, it's time to start properly enjoying our first Danish summer. I can't express how much I love the long days, if only because it lets us gloss over the fact we still have no electric light in half our rooms. At the moment there is still sun on the horizon up … Continue reading Tilbage i Danmark