Rejste til Ribe og Odense

Having cheated on Denmark with Hungary over Easter, we tried to make amends last weekend by heading into the Danish countryside. We ventured west to Ribe in south Jutland, to shuck some oysters and see some starlings fly around. Before we could experience the wonders of Jutland, we had to cross from Zealand (the island where Copenhagen is) to … Continue reading Rejste til Ribe og Odense

Magyar étel – különösen Woody

Our last Hungary post is dedicated to Woody, who only likes talking about food if it's Flodge wings, Il Chooko or Feijoada - I've banished all gratuitous food content into a single, easily skipped post for his benefit. Don't say I never do anything for you. Predictably, our first act in Hungary was to eat a Kürtőskalác … Continue reading Magyar étel – különösen Woody

Elindulna a város

Our trip to Budapest included a few memorable excursions out of the city and into the countryside. The most bizarre of these was taking the Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút) to the Elizabeth Lookout (Erzsébet-kilátó) at János-hegy - the highest hill in Budapest. This was probably the craziest thing I saw in Hungary, and definitely the closest I … Continue reading Elindulna a város

Szabadidő Budapesten

From my first post you'd have got the impression that Budapest is all about grand architecture and manly statues. Which it is. But it also has a deserved reputation for leisure activities and partying - truly, it is competing with Tallinn to be the city that launched 1000 British bucks parties. Firstly, the overwhelming impression … Continue reading Szabadidő Budapesten

A kiruccanás Magyarország

Surprise! This post is not about IKEA or our pitiful first-world moving struggles, or even about the garbage collection area of our building* (sorry to disappoint). It's about what we got up to on our Easter holidays - thanks Jebus! The Danes celebrate Easter in a very Danish way - by giving everyone five days off … Continue reading A kiruccanás Magyarország