Super Superkilen

After a few trips away we finally got a chance to play tourist in our own city again last weekend. Ant needed a haircut, which means heading north-west to Nørrebro. This area is known as ‘one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods in Denmark’, although coming from Sydney it’s more tempting to just call it the inner west of København.

Anyway, it’s the only place in the city where you pay less than 500 kronuts for a men’s haircut. As we now know, you can cross to Funen and back for that price, so it’s definitely worth the ride north. As Ant found out on this visit, it’s also worth sticking with one barber if you have found one who (a) understands you and (b) understands what clippers are…

One free-hand haircut of debatable quality later, we rode further north to check out Superkilen, which is a mad community park. It draws on influences from all over the world to reflect the different backgrounds of the people who live in the area. I think people got to nominate their favourite things from their home country and then they built them all into the park. As a result the area is a mish-mash of objects from all kinds of places like Morrocco, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Ghana, Jamaica, India and Russia.

There are three colour coded areas:

  • Red – the ‘community hall’ for sports and cultural activities
  • Black – the ‘outdoor living room’ for meeting on the different furniture
  • Green – for more sports, and green space.

It’s extremely well used by the looks of it, and such a fun place to be. We had a good go on the swing, until we felt we’d been on it a socially unacceptable amount of time. Next time we go we will definitely remember to BYO ping pong equipment.

blog IMG_8875
Authentic Mountain Dew sponsored street art in the Red Square
blog IMG_8876
Iraqi swings, a nicely matching bin
blog IMG_8867
Some loser swinging by themselves. Who even does that?
blog IMG_8878
Spring is really getting some momentum up now
blog IMG_8862
The Black Square, with bonus neon dentist sign from Qatar
blog IMG_20160409_124919056
It is impossible to take a photo for your own insta-hipster-blog-curated personal branding platform without it getting very meta…
blog IMG_8860
Pick a game, any game (as long as it’s chess, or that one other option)
blog IMG_8848
The Green Park, including Spanish ping pong tables and a muscle beach gym from LA, complete with shirtless bar brutes
blog IMG_8881
Our trusty steeds, Sally and the Black Piglet – here the Piglet’s lurid yellow front rack (for extra safety and visibility, Wayno!) camouflages nicely with the yellow bike rack.

Having looked more carefully at the above photo, I hope Ant is pleased that I captured the moment just before he set off for home with a whole charcoal chicken strapped to his bike…

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