Last week winter finally decided to show up with some snow and subzero temperatures. Despite being Scandinavian, Copenhagen only gets snow once or twice a year, so the novelty factor is extremely high. I thought everyone sweltering in Sydney would like to see how the other half are living right now, so I took some photos … Continue reading Sne!


Last Saturday we had the good fortune of having both nice weather and a lazy day with no real plans (ignoring the ever-present spectre of Danish homework). We've been waiting for clear days to start working out way through the various towers in the city where you can get a good view out over the rooftops. Presented … Continue reading Rundetaarn

Spise godt

We have had a few really lovely culinary experiences in the last few weeks, making the most of Denmark's thriving food scene. A few weekends ago we went to Stedsans ØsterGRO, which as per their website is 'a restaurant placed in the greenhouse of Scandinavia's first rooftop farm'. Of course Copenhagen has a rooftop community garden, and of … Continue reading Spise godt