Kirsebærblomster og se på fugle

Our commitment to integration knows no bounds, so this weekend we made like every other person in København and headed to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the cherry blossoms (kirsebærblomster) in bloom. I know, so basic of us – that’s what integration is all about, right? We really leaned in to it by going at midday on a Saturday, for peak immersion within the Danes…

blog IMG_8935Blog IMG_8940

That last picture is like playing Bispebjerg-blomster bingo – there is a selfie taking place, a couple canoodling, a small child in a gigantic Danish pram, and someone getting an awkward professional photo shoot done.

Bispebjerg Kirkegård itself is a really beautiful cemetery. Danish cemeteries seem to have more in common with botanical gardens than what we’d imagine when we think of a cemetery – they are so green and leafy and surprisingly well used as a public space.

Although Denmark generally takes pride in the fact its cemeteries are ‘not spooky’, Jorgen Jorgensen’s family didn’t get the memo. Instead, they opted for this decidedly spooky statue of a woman emerging from the grave… or sinking in to the grave? Either way, it’s macabre and I kind of love it.

blog IMG_8925
Jorgen Jorgensen: excellent name, excellent monument

Just past Bispebjerg Kirkegård is Utterslev Mose. It’s an awesome bog 6kms from the centre of town filled with thousands of birds. Conveniently, they make more than enough noise to drown out any traffic sounds, so you feel like you are out in nature and not surrounded by motorways. You can run or cycle all the way around the edge of the bog, or you can just stand and watch a grebe for a really long time.

blog IMG_8993
So many birds!
blog IMG_8945
Grey geese

blog IMG_8959blog IMG_9017

blog IMG_8972
Goslings! So downy!
blog IMG_9014
The magnificent grebe
blog IMG_9021
Clazzic Denmark
blog IMG_8949
We’re finally getting some cycling miles under our belt

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