Magyar étel – különösen Woody

Our last Hungary post is dedicated to Woody, who only likes talking about food if it's Flodge wings, Il Chooko or Feijoada - I've banished all gratuitous food content into a single, easily skipped post for his benefit. Don't say I never do anything for you. Predictably, our first act in Hungary was to eat a Kürtőskalác … Continue reading Magyar étel – különösen Woody

Szabadidő Budapesten

From my first post you'd have got the impression that Budapest is all about grand architecture and manly statues. Which it is. But it also has a deserved reputation for leisure activities and partying - truly, it is competing with Tallinn to be the city that launched 1000 British bucks parties. Firstly, the overwhelming impression … Continue reading Szabadidő Budapesten