Foråret er her, og det er smukt

I don’t have anything particularly insightful or interesting to write about today, but I do have a lot of photos of København looking ridiculously lovely on a perfect spring day. It’s been pretty grey and rainy and – worst of all – windy the last few days, so today was a nice surprise. I just hope we haven’t used up our quotient of good weather for the week, because we’re all set to go camping in a ‘primitive shelter’ down the coast this weekend – should be an interesting experience, whatever the outcome…

blog IMG_9025
Oerstedsparken, looking much more verdant than in earlier pictures

blog IMG_9028

“Love me…”

blog IMG_9034
Across to Operaen
blog IMG_9037
Don’t worry, kirsebaerblomster season only lasts two weeks – this run of blomster shots will be intense but brief
blog IMG_9044
Langelinie Park
blog IMG_9049
blog IMG_9052
St. Alban’s Church, or the English Church


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