Zamek w Malborku

Despite our trip being well over a month ago now, this blog is still stuck in Poland. Although most of our time in Gdansk was spent wandering from one pierogi shop to another, we also managed to fit in a side trip to Malbork. The slogan for the town should probably be: 'Malbork: terrible name, mad castle'. After … Continue reading Zamek w Malborku


A few weeks back we took advantage of Ant's work obligations in Poland and spent a weekend in Gdansk. The lure of pierogis and krówki was strong. I'll admit to knowing very little about Gdansk before arriving, and ended up being totally charmed. Gdansk - or Danzig in German - is a seaport on the Baltic … Continue reading Gdansk

En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne

It's been a pretty busy round our place these last few weeks, mainly because we were both desperately trying to pass our Module 2 Danish language test. Thankfully we're through that hurdle, although the reward for our triumph is just to be thrown straight into the next module. Module 3 apparently represents a real step up in … Continue reading En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne