Thorvaldsens Museum

As if getting access to socialised medicine isn’t enough, when you get your Danish CPR number you also get free tickets to a museum as well. With the expiry date approaching, and quite frankly no idea what the museum was about, we went to Thorvaldsens Museum. Turns out Bertel Thorvaldsen did a whole lot of impressive neoclassicistic statues in the early 1800s, including one statue of Jesus that according to wiki was at one point ‘considered the most perfect statue of Christ in the world’. Big claim.

blog IMG_8883
Excellent facade

Thorvaldsen himself is buried in the middle of the museum courtyard, so it’s a very elaborate memorial to him. It’s worth visiting just for the building layout alone, and for the floors. The floor game is very, very strong. I personally can’t handle the instagram #ihavethisthingwithfloors hashtag, but if you do #havethisthingwithfloors then this is the place for you. You’ll lose your mind.

blog IMG_8896
Endless rooms
blog IMG_8901
Endless floor variations

blog IMG_8905

This is the point in proceedings where I post a whole bunch of manly statues. You can basically quit now if that is not your jam (i.e. Mum), or really start concentrating if it is your jam (heads up to Anna – there is a special statue for you in the mix).

blog IMG_8912
Ant wants one of these clubs to do some violence with; I said he can have one providing he wears the matching outfit.
blog IMG_8900
Pretty sure this is a sculpture showing Anna as a young boy with her spirit animal, the bald eagle
blog IMG_8904
This lion was epic
blog IMG_8890
Yet another ancient bearded blacksmith hipster – I this this one is inaccurate, there is no way Venus would have stepped out on Vulcan if he actually looked like this

4 thoughts on “Thorvaldsens Museum

  1. So….many…..statues. At least they were of material other than bronze…variety. They must have had a lot if time free or artists were v well funded back then


  2. Try #doorsandfloors #tileheaven also #fenestrationappreciation and #appealingceilings and I forget the other floor related ones my friend Kelly and I came up with but please jump on our bandwagon and help me expand my architectural vocabulary!


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