Vores gade

Our resettlement consultant described our temporary accommodation as being in an area with 'lots of life', which we now know is code for 'opposite a 24 hour nightclub-of-last-resort'. That detail aside, we are pretty spoilt to be living on Studiestræde. Studiestræde, one way Cross streets off Studiestræde Some rare blue sky during a very cloudy week … Continue reading Vores gade

Vores midlertidige lejlighed

Our first few weeks in Copenhagen have been spent in an apartment on Studiestræde in the middle of Indre By (or 'Inner City', if you have Google Translate switched on). That's us, second floor on the right As you can see, we are living in a hipster fantasy above a Twin Peaks themed cafe/bar. Before we leave I … Continue reading Vores midlertidige lejlighed