Vandring omkring Møns Klint

Finally! I have braved the cliff photo pile. Møns Klint is a stretch of chalk cliffs along the south eastern edge of Denmark. Towering to 120 metres, they are actually (some may say pitifully) one of the highest points in Denmark.* This may be one of the few countries that makes me feel better about Australia’s ‘mountains’.

blog IMG_9179
The white cliffs, not looking so white here
blog IMG_9170
blog IMG_9161
Busy little fellow
blog IMG_9296
The moody Baltic Sea

We arrived in the early evening, which was too late for there to be any sun on the cliffs themselves but was magic hour for wandering through the forests. It also meant we had the place to ourselves a lot of the time.

blog IMG_9211
This looks like a Microsoft stock screen image, but it’s real, I promise
blog IMG_9207

In April the trees were mostly still bare, but there were masses of white flowers carpeting the under story. It is tempting to visit again and again just to see the seasons roll through the forest.

We camped nearby, and were lucky enough to get back down to the cliffs in the morning while the sun was still shining and before the snow set in. Yep, the snow. In April. We are slowly learning that the weather here likes to keep us on our toes and in and out of our winter jackets.

blog IMG_9279
See, very white
blog IMG_9284
Doesn’t it look exactly like it’s just about to snow?
blog IMG_9286
Clazzic klint
blog IMG_9303
Flower carpet
blog IMG_9319
And then the snow arrives out of nowhere…

The snow coincided with the point at which we’d finally had our fill of gazing over cliffs and going up and down hundreds stairs. After riding out the polar phase of the day we went on to Liselund Slot. It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a palace, but its very lovely so I’ll forgive its grandiose claims.

blog IMG_9324
This tiny palace is a dream
blog IMG_9348
Let’s hear it for romantic English gardening
blog IMG_9337
This does not come close to doing the place justice

Then it was off to our big gamble of the weekend – the night camping in the ‘primitive shelter’. Spoiler: we survived and it was excellent, and thus it has earned its own post.

* The actual highest point, Møllehøj in Jylland, is a staggering 170m.

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