Første dage i københavn

Visitor season is well and truly underway! Last week my lillesøster and her kæreste took some time out of their busy schedule of Oxford balls and lazing by Spanish pools to come get some free accommodation see us because they are missing us terribly. These guys were in town for a whole week, and had already been to Copenhagen a few years … Continue reading Første dage i københavn

Tilbage i Danmark

Now that we are back in Copenhagen, it's time to start properly enjoying our first Danish summer. I can't express how much I love the long days, if only because it lets us gloss over the fact we still have no electric light in half our rooms. At the moment there is still sun on the horizon up … Continue reading Tilbage i Danmark

Kirsebærblomster og se på fugle

Our commitment to integration knows no bounds, so this weekend we made like every other person in København and headed to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the cherry blossoms (kirsebærblomster) in bloom. I know, so basic of us - that's what integration is all about, right? We really leaned in to it by going at midday on a Saturday, for … Continue reading Kirsebærblomster og se på fugle

Thorvaldsens Museum

As if getting access to socialised medicine isn't enough, when you get your Danish CPR number you also get free tickets to a museum as well. With the expiry date approaching, and quite frankly no idea what the museum was about, we went to Thorvaldsens Museum. Turns out Bertel Thorvaldsen did a whole lot of impressive neoclassicistic statues … Continue reading Thorvaldsens Museum

A kiruccanás Magyarország

Surprise! This post is not about IKEA or our pitiful first-world moving struggles, or even about the garbage collection area of our building* (sorry to disappoint). It's about what we got up to on our Easter holidays - thanks Jebus! The Danes celebrate Easter in a very Danish way - by giving everyone five days off … Continue reading A kiruccanás Magyarország

Hus jagt og sightseeing

On our (well, my) first full weekend in København we were thrown into the deep end of house hunting. Turns out it's impossible to decide where you want to live if you haven't been anywhere except your immediate neighbourhood, so we spent the whole weekend wandering to every far flung house on our list of potential places. It ended … Continue reading Hus jagt og sightseeing