Denmark's casual attitude to the public use of English curse words makes me so fucking happy.

Tage toget til Louisiana

This weekend we have been enjoying our last few quiet, domestic days in Denmark before heading back to Aus for a few weeks. We did our first ever Parkrun, followed by some more pier swimming. Post-swim we unintentionally ordered an ice cream at Lydolphs Isbar that was so 'generous' that even sharing it was an ordeal. A highlight was overhearing a woman who made a … Continue reading Tage toget til Louisiana

Næsten som om sommeren…

I've still got some photos from the last few weeks piled up, but to hell with chronology - I'm going to skip straight to some pics from the last few days that have given me reason to be optimistic about summer in Denmark. Let's see whether posting about glorious mid-20 degree days will ease or exacerbate the dismay I'm feeling now … Continue reading Næsten som om sommeren…

Vores nordlige naboer

Another spring week, another random Jesus-themed holiday...this time Ascension Day. Not wanting to let Jesus rising on a Thursday ruin a perfectly good long weekend opportunity, Ant's work also threw in Friday as a day off. Letting flight prices decide our fate, we ended up in Stockholm. It had been over ten years since I had been there … Continue reading Vores nordlige naboer