So it's been a really long time since I've made it to the 'write blog post' item on my to do list - trivial things like 'buy crib', 'learn Danish', 'finish work' and 'research how not to kill a baby' have been taking precedence. Somewhat worryingly that last task remains incomplete, but here I am anyway - … Continue reading Arken

Jul det’ cool

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around Copenhagen, particularly since the Christmas lights and Christmas markets suddenly appeared all over the place. I'd say I'll leave them for later because they really deserve a whole post, but the reality is I just haven't taken any photos yet. I have, however, been keeping track of … Continue reading Jul det’ cool

En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne

It's been a pretty busy round our place these last few weeks, mainly because we were both desperately trying to pass our Module 2 Danish language test. Thankfully we're through that hurdle, although the reward for our triumph is just to be thrown straight into the next module. Module 3 apparently represents a real step up in … Continue reading En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne