Flere havfruer

Hej venner!

In a previous post, Carla hinted at the existence of some other mermaid statues around Copenhagen, but claimed her journalistic integrity would not allow her to dignify them by including photos.

Luckily I shed all vestiges of integrity a long way back so here are the pics!

This first one looks like the sort of Mermaid I would have drawn when I was 13 with a newly gained appreciation of the female form.

blog IMG_20160207_125340630_HDR


I’m surprised this mermaid doesn’t have belly button ornamentation and/or a tramp stamp to go with the bolt-ons. I’m impressed that somewhere in the world a committee exists that was willing to sign off this design and pay a great artist to create it.

Just around the corner, we have another interpretation. This poor little mermaid accidentally swam too close to Fukushima.

blog IMG_20160207_130944534_HDR

What is happening to me?!

This mermaid’s chances of locking down a prince aren’t looking good.

Speaking of locking down princes, I wonder if Frederik ever gets Mary to wear a mermaid tail to spice things up, given the long history of mermaid fetishism that Danish princes are renowned for.

On a related note, we saw this urn at the Dansk Design Musem, showing the rare twin-tail-finned mermaid.

blog IMG_20160221_151258929 The horror!

What I find interesting about this, is that while the classical mermaid with a single fin like a fish has the potential to be attractive enough to score a prince, these mermaids with two leg-like fins, despite being closer to human form, end up being intensely repellent to the human eye. I think the moral is, if you want to be liked by humans, you are better off being a completely different species than looking like a mutant.

3 thoughts on “Flere havfruer

  1. Double-tailed mermaids being repulsive: maybe example of Uncanny Valley in non-digital form? (alternatively, just a crap sculpture)


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