Tilbage i Danmark

Now that we are back in Copenhagen, it’s time to start properly enjoying our first Danish summer. I can’t express how much I love the long days, if only because it lets us gloss over the fact we still have no electric light in half our rooms.

At the moment there is still sun on the horizon up to 11pm and it’s so great, if a little confusing. Admittedly it’s very easy to lose track of time in the endless light, so our meal times have become somewhat erratic, but that’s a small price to pay.

In an attempt to make the most of it I’ve been trying to get out and about for post-prandial strolls through Kongens Have and the like (yes, I’m seizing the opportunity to use the phrase post-prandial, take that Newspeak).

blog IMG_0420
Rosenborg Slot – summer edition

The park looks so different now that all the leaves have come in on the trees and the garden beds are in full bloom.

blog 4 IMG_0414
blog IMG_0373
So violet and violent looking, I love it… does anyone know what it is?
blog IMG_0367
blog IMG_0410
Not her best angle

On a side note, the second-last time I was in Kongens Have in the evening I saw so many drunk women kind of half-climbing/half-swimming across the top of the shrubs in front of the nice lady statue… it was a public holiday, which means there was a lot of rampant public park drinking going on, and I think they might have been trying to burrow into the shrubbery in lieu of a bathroom? Whatever they were trying to achieve I don’t think it went according to plan – instead there was just a lot of flailing around and yelping and getting poked by twigs, thus demonstrating how mystery drunken bruises happen.

blog IMG_0422
Walking home through Nyhavn

Our return to Denmark also saw us immediately play host to our very first house guests – a momentous occasion. We did our best to maintain the charade that we were locals who knew lots of useful and interesting things about this place – a flimsy pretense. We did force a lot of rygbrød, lakrids, flødebollers and rhubarb-tainted koldskål onto our unsuspecting guests, so I think we basically did our job.

blog IMG_0365
How to be a diligent tourist – Exhibit A

In our touristing we came across this new piece of public art near the parliament buildings. It is a subtle commentary on how the mighty isbjørne are going to be fucked by climate change. Prepare yourself – it’s sad and uncomfortable looking.

blog IMG_0358
Owww, pointy
blog IMG_0359
Once I get off this spike you are all dead

We did some other fun things, so I have a healthy post backlog right now. Spoiler alert – one thing involved Vikings. Finally! There hasn’t been enough Viking-related content in either my life or this blog up until this point.

Now to end on a lighter note, but one that is still somewhat tangentially related to the impaled polar bear, Thorbjørn is a legitimate name here and it means thunder-bear. THUNDER-BEAR. Please can everyone address me as Thorbjørn from now on.

Until next time, yours truly –


8 thoughts on “Tilbage i Danmark

  1. Can’t believe how beautiful the gardens are, and how green. V vibrant. I noticed that in Japan as well. Our greens are more muted and dark.


    1. Yeah, they’re just ridiculous at the moment… makes up for the six months where everything is bare grey-brown sticks I guess!


  2. Stunning summer photos!
    Hey I think florists here call that Scottish “blue thistle” but have never seen it looking so pointy and vibrant before!


    1. Vibrant is definitely the word – the photo doesn’t even nail it entirely. I thought Australia cornered the market on weird spiky flowers but this gives us a run for our money…


  3. Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. I have no idea what the purple flower is. Looks like a psychedelic pineapple. I was there just a few weeks ago and didn’t notice it. I am happy to find your blog and will follow it with interest. Very sad about the ice bear!!

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