After a very lovely late burst of summer in September, October really decided to change things up. One day the max daily temperature just fell ten degrees overnight, from 22ºC to 12ºC, and all of a sudden it was autumn.

The good news is that Copenhagen is very, very beautiful when all the leaves are turning. The bad news is it’s also been very rainy and the thought of leaving the house has not been very inviting. Luckily last weekend there was a burst of sunshine, so we ventured out to try and experience an actual fall, as opposed to whatever happens in Sydney every year.

In the interest of completing our last embarrassingly overdue moving chore, we finally got the ball rolling on getting light fittings in all the rooms in our flat – it’s amazing how motivating 5pm darkness can be. En route to Nørrebro to pick up some lights, we took a sneaky detour via Kongens Have, Botanisk Have and Ørstedsparken (and also Grød for good measure). It was a productive morning, knocking off some sightseeing while also moving one step closer to being able to find things at night without head torches…

Rosenborg Slot – I am yet to tire of this view
Kongens Have – I included this shot because the girl on the left is wearing the quintessential uniform of a young Danish woman: black, black, black, black, black with white sneakers
Botanisk Have
Can you eat these? Nothing is eating these. Probably poisoned.
I have been to this park many times and I only just noticed how drunk this faun is getting

On Sunday we broke new ground, firstly by trying a new bakery (Bageriet BRØD – go for the kardemomme boller, stay for the mandler croissants), then by riding around Vestre Kirkegaard. A word of warning – this is where I found out that Copenhagen has a thriving population of red squirrels. If you don’t like squirrels, things are about to go rapidly downhill for you right about now…

Note Ant’s standard attire for the next six to eight months
OMG BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (in reality they feared us and ran away)
Vestre Kirkegaard
Don’t think I can’t see you up there, hiding from us
Premium photo ops
Hey little buddy! Whatcha doin’ up there?
Maybe looking for some of these?
The road that launched a thousand grams
Nice yellow highlights
All cemeteries should be like this
I want a dramatic grave statue when my time comes
Actually, scratch that – I just want a huge rock with my name on it in giant capital letters (the photo doesn’t show how entertainingly large this monument is)
Hip bageri haunts – cross-stitch street art is a real thing now

Lest I leave you with the impression that Copenhagen is just all lovely and refined and hip and classy and autumnal, here is an abrupt change of tone to end this post – a sign advising that a new Netto supermarket is on the way, the logo for which is usually just one innocent-looking scottie dog, just going about it’s business shopping…

I can’t handle the cheeky look in their eyes, and the slogan that I think says ‘we’re working on it!’

Despite it’s refined facade, sometimes Denmark just enjoys being really, really publicly inappropriate.

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