Kongens Have

Before we even had the keys to our new place we panicked about living without a couch, so went out and found a suitably Scando one. You can learn all about this magical experience by watching this video that I got sent today. It’s really up there as being one of the strangest things I’ve ever received. Enjoy. I hope my face doesn’t break out in a rash of sequins in all the excitement of getting some furniture delivered. And yes, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to test your relationship by going furniture shopping. I really recommend it. It’s important that you find out the precise number of fabric swatches that will break your partner’s spirit, and keep this information for future reference.

The point of this story (other than to share the video… ‘OOOOH! The anticipation’) is that the couch place was right by Kongens Have (the King’s Garden). It’s a lovely place and it seems like it is always full of interesting posh Euro dog breeds, so I reckon I’ll be able to persuade Anthony to go for walks there all the time. There was some snow hanging in there from the one morning snowfall we have had since I arrived, so everything was pretty damn enchanting.

blog kongens 1

Dream houses

blog kongens 8

Some moat action

blog kongens 5

Late afternoon sunset

blog kongens 2

This swan looked equal parts lost and confident, a weird mix…

blog kogens 4

Rosenborg Slot looming wonkily

One thought on “Kongens Have

  1. Hahahajaha! That’s hilarious – a new phenomena in customer service! I LOVE the look of the couch and if it’s going to give you champagne bubbles and sexy hair flickingly joy who wouldnt have braved the fabric swatch relationship test! I think it’s awesome that you went on V day just so that date came up on the vid to add to it’s passion. Awesome.


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