Endelig! Den Kongelige Familie

OK, so I’ll admit my main motivation for getting back on the blog yesterday was so I could post a million pictures of the Danish royals and a whole lot of resplendent horses today…

The Belgian royals – His Majesty King Philippe and Her Majesty Queen Mathilde – are visiting Denmark this week, so I took a break from my Danish exam preparations to go to Amalienborg and see a Danish royal spectacle.

Actually, before I get ahead of myself, we caught the tail end of a rehearsal on Sunday. Fuelled by yum cha, we cycled to Christiansborg just in time to see the carriages (sans royals unfortunately) and cavalry returning to the Royal Stables.

blog P1000063
An extremely Danish scene
blog P1000066
What’s this, no bearing rein?
blog P1000070
Their steeds are tougher than our steeds
blog P1000072
Weekend traffic
blog P1000080

I need to work out how I can have trumpeters on horseback announce my arrival everywhere I go, because it sounded awesome…

Anyway, the real event took place on Tuesday, which as you can see was a much foggier and less lovely day. Still, it gave me my first sighting of the Danish royals – the proper ones: Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and of course Crown Princess Mary – not just grumpy old Prince Henrik, who thankfully didn’t even show up. I wasn’t actually expecting to see the Danes in the carriages – I assumed it would just be the Belgians – so my very first real-life Mary and Fred sighting was an unexpected victory.

blog P1000088
How I would like to dress for around town
blog P1000094
Carriage time
blog P1000095
Yaaas kween!
blog P1000099
Note how the security man’s giant head manages to obscure both Fred AND Mary’s faces, a real accomplishment. At least Mathilde looks on point and very regal here.
blog P1000101
FINALLY! Hello there, Mary – or should I say g’day? (probs not)

Not that I want to glorify the so-called military industrial complex war machine or anything, but damn the Royal Life Guards cavalry looked so awesome. I really want a big shiny sword and an impressive steed and some kind of flashy cape. Is that too much to ask?

blog P1000105
blog P1000104
Give me a sword and we can all have some peace
blog P1000114
Strong look
blog P1000120
How do I sign up?
blog P1000117
For Ant – his ideal horse, complete with drums

The Royal Life Guards had their marching band there too, which frankly compared with the guys on horseback looked a little tame. Their ‘marching band’ also seemed to be made only of tin whistles and drums, which they used to play ‘Consider Yourself’ from the musical Oliver. They were not exactly intimidating – please bring back the mounted trumpeters…

blog P1000125
Coooooon-sider yourself, at hoooome….. worst.

Let’s agree to never mention the marching band again, but the cavalry and Princess Mary we can discuss at length at your leisure…

5 thoughts on “Endelig! Den Kongelige Familie

  1. Ah! I am so excited that you spotted CPM, at long last. I’m weirdly relieved that she looks the same in your photos that she does on GoFugYourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You gotta continue the Bissett tradition and give the GFY girls an in-the-field update of how she looked, to add to my detailed accounts of the British and dutch royals.

    Liked by 1 person

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