Ahol laktunk

I know this blog is supposed to be about Denmark, but I am not quite done with Hungary yet so bear with me.

The place we stayed in Budapest deserves a mention for its self proclaimed ‘very special atmosphere’. If you ever want to live out some kind of Miss Havisham role play in once opulent but increasingly derelict surrounds then Budapest is the place for it. The inner city is dominated by very distinctive four to five storey apartment buildings with balconies wrapping around an internal courtyard. The details and fittings are incredible, although sadly you get the feeling they could do with more maintenance. It was also unclear how anyone ever changes a light bulb in them, because the ceilings must have been about five metres high…

blog IMG_8325
Opening the front door was a test of core strength
blog IMG_8319
Modern elevator
blog IMG_8323
My hypothetical grand design now includes these windows
blog IMG_8301
This building was so dramatic at all times

Our place was in Erzsébetváros, or the seventh district of Budapest. The area is named after Sisi, aka Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who had a pretty fascinating and intense life. She is much beloved in Hungary, and now also by us.

It was previously the Jewish quarter, so has a pretty terrible recent history, but is now being redeveloped, partly as a result of the ruin pubs. It’s the focus of Budapest’s emerging street art scene – Bjela runs a tour around the area (again, highly recommended), so we learned a lot about the works.

I think my favourite was the one about Holló Jankó, maybe because it also has a suitably odd folk story behind it. As an interesting aside, in Hungary you say peoples’ surnames before their first names, so Holló Jankó in English translates to Janko Raven. Upon hearing this story, I think Ant was most impressed that Holló Jankó rejected the King’s daughter in favour of more gold… clazzic Ant.

blog IMG_8345
The first piece, painted illegally as a proof of concept after years of failing to get permission to paint it
blog IMG_8356
Tailoring in the seventh district
blog IMG_8353
A love story between Buda and Pest
blog IMG_8352
Hollo Janko, or Janko Raven
blog IMG_8359
This work was supposedly about nature ultimately defeating man, and not about an early episode of Hannibal (although I think it is really about Hannibal)
blog IMG_8360
Hungarian icons
blog IMG_8371
Our knowledgeable guide
blog IMG_8381
Navigational landmarks around our apartment



3 thoughts on “Ahol laktunk

  1. Lovely photos, such an interesting looking place. However I have imploded over mention of Sisi. Her Vienna Castle was the scene of a meltdown between ANNA and I as I was sooooo over golden castles and Anna was enthusiastic.


  2. Thanks heaps for these Hungary posts – love all the photos! – continuing to live vicariously through you cool people 🙂


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