Rejste til Ribe og Odense

Having cheated on Denmark with Hungary over Easter, we tried to make amends last weekend by heading into the Danish countryside. We ventured west to Ribe in south Jutland, to shuck some oysters and see some starlings fly around.

Before we could experience the wonders of Jutland, we had to cross from Zealand (the island where Copenhagen is) to Funen (another island on the way). The bridge you drive over is an engineering marvel, and it would want to be because the toll is 250 DKK (AUD$50). Yes, you read that right. And it’s paid BOTH WAYS. Apparently the ferry used to cost something like 260 DKK, so the Danes are actually pretty happy with the new deal… those crazy Danes.

blog IMG_8843
Getting our moneys worth on the bridge

Ribe itself is Scandinavia’s oldest town. The first church in Ribe was built in 856, while the current cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) dates from the mid-12th century. The town made all its money around that time as a major seaport, although is now quite far from the sea due to silt from the river and mud flats building up in storms.

blog IMG_8690
View from our B&B
blog IMG_8609
There is an architectural style here for everyone

blog IMG_8655

blog IMG_8629
This year’s entry for wildlife photographer of the year. I’m basically Bence Mate.
blog IMG_8667
Views from the Ribe Domkirke
blog IMG_8675
Much more different views
blog IMG_8673
Our B&B was the building standing alone in the top right
blog IMG_8658
Another fine addition to my imaginary future grand design
blog IMG_8659
Ribe knows a thing or two about door handles
blog IMG_8615
Seriously. I challenge you to find a better one.
blog IMG_8682
I slay, I slay, I slay, all day

Importantly, Ribe Domkirke is a sombre reminder that we shouldn’t have commissioned any public works in the eighties:

blog IMG_8683blog IMG_8684

Sct. Catharinæ Kirke on the other hand was much less insane, keeping it classy and nautical.

blog IMG_8638
A palate cleanser

blog IMG_8639

blog IMG_8691

We also stopped briefly in Odense on the way back to Copenhagen and had a look at where Hans Christian Andersen lived.

The most interesting thing we saw there were these sneaky spying mirrors on the second floor windows of the old houses, so the people inside can see what is happening on the street. I really want one. Actually, it would have been better to have one when we were in Studiestræde – there is not much to spy on in our new place, but we certainly would have seen some interesting sights outside Cosy Bar with our covert spy mirror. We would have seen some things that could not be unseen, no doubt.

blog IMG_8822
Old mate HC Andersen
blog IMG_8828
More quaintness
blog IMG_8834
blog IMG_8836
I’m probably being spied on by at least three people

4 thoughts on “Rejste til Ribe og Odense

  1. Hi Carla, have loved the travel fest, and have to say the door knob with the flying girl embracing the scaly dog monster wins of all your bronzing highlights, although the Madonna statue over the hell hound is very close if confusing second. You just don’t get that around here.


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