This is a quick post to provide some inspiration for everyone who may be setting the table for Christmas this year. Starting in 1963, each year Royal Copenhagen invites a different group of notable people to design a ‘Christmas table’. The end results are exhibited in the Royal Copenhagen store in the centre of Strøget, so we ducked in one day when we happened to be passing by. This year they invited six fashion designers, and the results were pretty eclectic.

The first, by Mark Tan, seemed pretty low key until you saw the dinner set up close. It’s basically the whelky-mariney dinner set of my dreams and I covet it badly. Royal Copenhagen’s covert marketing ploy immediately paid dividends – one day at least one part of this set will be mine (realistically a single side plate or the like – Royal Copenhagen is ridiculously off-the-charts expensive).

So good

The next, by Leyla Piedayesh, was super lush and opulent. I would not be angry if my Christmas table ever turned out like this.

Yes please

Cecilie Bahnsen’s was supposed to represent our informal, fluid modern lifestyle, where life and work are blended. Not sure if it’s particularly Christmassy, but it would be a nice home office…

Very scandi
I would quite like a biscuit now

The next one is not unlike my childhood bedroom circa age five. I liked this a lot more than I’d have expected. The matte dinner set was really cool. I think the designer, Charlotte Eskildsen, was trying to say something about how ubiquitous this shade of pink is in fashion right now – not a particularly deep message, but it was very striking and pretty.

Supremely pretty
Surprised by how much I am onboard with this pink-out

This one by Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave was maybe my least favourite, but it did rotate, which was kind of cool. And I like the red berries against all the blue. I can’t actually remember what the point of it was, so can’t have been too momentous…


This last one, by Ole Yde, was a Marie Antoinette fever dream. I want that luxury champagne glass chiller pretty badly, not that I have the kind of lifestyle that calls for it…

Looks like it was quite the party
I never knew I needed a champagne chiller until right now…
Won’t someone please give me some cake

So there you go – I’m sorry for probably making everyones’ table decor this year feel somewhat inadequate. I’m looking at my dining table now and thinking, if only I had a whelk plate…

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