Næsten som om sommeren…

I’ve still got some photos from the last few weeks piled up, but to hell with chronology – I’m going to skip straight to some pics from the last few days that have given me reason to be optimistic about summer in Denmark. Let’s see whether posting about glorious mid-20 degree days will ease or exacerbate the dismay I’m feeling now that the temperature has dropped back down to 16 degrees…

The last few weeks of spring have delivered some genuinely nice sunny days, along with all the lilacs and wisteria around town coming into bloom.

blog IMG_20160524_134338602
I couldn’t be more pleased about the neighbouring building’s wisteria
blog IMG_9900
Not sure I’d ever actually seen a lilac tree before we moved here…

It’s also the first week that going for a swim hasn’t seemed like a totally insane prospect. There are quite a few harbour pools in Copenhagen – at Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet (this one is allegedly called ‘Copencabana’, which seems like a terrible idea) and Sluseholmen. None of these are open until June, which prompted me to head north to Svanemøllestranden.

blog IMG_9983
The Danes get points for enthusiastically flocking to the beach at the first sign of good weather

The ‘beach’ itself was not super appealing, but I am totally on board with the excellent swimming pier. I think our time in Denmark will be all about swimming off piers with ladders.

blog IMG_9981
Pier life
blog IMG_9980
No bombs… Ant will definitely do a bomb

Everyone who visits us will need to bring their swimmers and bravery, as the water is still pretty chilly at around 12 degrees. On the plus side, Sydney’s 21 degree water temps are going to feel balmy in a few weeks time. In the meantime, our adventures in Sweden have converted us to the joys of cold water swimming, which kick in as soon as you get out.

The other notable summer phenomenon that has just appeared is koldskål (‘cold bowl’). As soon as the sun comes out there is a run on koldskål in the supermarkets. It’s a kind of sweet buttermilk that you serve with kammerjunkere (tasty little round biscuits).

The kammerjunkere packet advertises ‘a crisp taste of sun and summer – a real Danish classic’. I am very on board with kammerjunkere, but koldskål is a bit of an acquired taste (NB: Ant has definitely acquired it). I’m going to reserve judgement until I have tried the lemon version, because I have a feeling it might improve it.

blog IMG_9889
En rigtig dansk classiker!


5 thoughts on “Næsten som om sommeren…

  1. You could not have chosen a more different experience! The tress are beautiful and the pier interesting. Not sure about biscuits floating in buttermilk! ( even if lemony!). Summer should be nice for cycling though…..not too hot


  2. Beklager – mit engelske er ikke så godt, så kommentaren bliver lige på dansk 🙂 Lækker læsning her, som virkelig kan give folk lyst til at tage et smut forbi den gamle hovedstad. Min søster Mie skriver også lidt om København i forbindelse med at hun bor derover – noget du måske ville finde interessant: http://cphlitt08.dk/


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