Tage toget til Louisiana

This weekend we have been enjoying our last few quiet, domestic days in Denmark before heading back to Aus for a few weeks. We did our first ever Parkrun, followed by some more pier swimming. Post-swim we unintentionally ordered an ice cream at Lydolphs Isbar that was so ‘generous’ that even sharing it was an ordeal. A highlight was overhearing a woman who made a similar error muttering to herself resignedly ‘I can’t believe I’ve done this’ between bites. Ant just berated me for not taking a photo at the time, but some things are too shameful to document. In a sad turn of events, this already harrowing experience was followed by my first Danish flat tyre, and the indignity of wheeling a lame cycle back home. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

On a more positive note, our new Nordic culinary experiments continue – Ant successfully served up his first flæskesteg with in-season new potatoes, and I have preserved some mushrooms that should be ready just in time to inflict on our summer guests*.

Also in preparation for being useful hosts, we have been trying to scope out some more of the local attractions. The current exhibition at the Louisiana is all about optical art. Ant decided he was into op art while we were at Moderna Museet, so last weekend we thought we’d best go check it out before it closes at the end of the month.

blog IMG_9938

blog IMG_9911
This was the best – you went inside the grid of lit up strings and they all slowly moved, warping the grid
blog IMG_9925
Not as good as being in Turrell’s Perceptual Cell, but still good
blog IMG_9921
This room was just an assault by strobe lights – I thought it was awful, Ant had a weirdly high tolerance for it…
blog IMG_9935
High art
blog IMG_9919
Ant’s other favourite – assorted ‘Rave goggles’

The other exhibition was a mixed bag of recent purchases, with a permanent Yayoi Kusama installation hidden in the middle.

blog IMG_9960

blog IMG_9962
The high-art version of my aggressively pink childhood bedroom

blog IMG_9972

blog IMG_9967
Yayoi Kusama’s  ‘Gleaming lights of the souls’ – the room that launched a thousand selfies
blog IMG_9954
Brono – did you make this? I think it’s called ‘Cocoon – sleeping on washing day’

The Louisiana is as much about the mid-century building and its setting as it is about the art. It’s on the coast about an hour by train north of Copenhagen (Humlebæk Station), and is really worth visiting no matter what art is on show. Next time, if it’s nice enough, we also have plans to bring swimmers and swim off yet another pier.

blog IMG_9940

blog IMG_9947
More pier action in the background

blog IMG_9956blog IMG_9979

* Anna, don’t say I never do anything for you – we’re going to make you some excellent parsley root soup that requires weeks – that’s right, WEEKS! – of advance preparation.

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