Vores gade

Our resettlement consultant described our temporary accommodation as being in an area with ‘lots of life’, which we now know is code for ‘opposite a 24 hour nightclub-of-last-resort’. That detail aside, we are pretty spoilt to be living on Studiestræde.

blog studie 14.jpg

Studiestræde, one way

blog studie 7.jpg

Cross streets off Studiestræde

blog studie 1.jpg

Some rare blue sky during a very cloudy week

Blog thrift

Anna! Get over here… so much intense vintage shopping

blog cafe

Our local bar, if we were ever willing to brave the cigarette smoke

blog inderby 5

University end of Studiestræde

blog inderby 2

The patron saint of productivity with his to-do list

blog inderby 8

Around the University

blog inderby 3

Outside Vor Frue Kirke

blog studie 13.jpg

Nearby houses on snow day

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