Omkring vores nabolag

Given that we don’t have bikes yet, most of our exploring has been confined to the areas near our flat. We’ve spent a lot of time around Nørreport Station and up near the Lakes. These areas are lovely and busy and interesting, so it isn’t exactly a hardship…

blog inderby 10

Apparently the busiest railway station in the country

blog inderby 11

The rumours are true… you are nothing in Denmark without a bike

blog inderby 12

Torvehallerne – food central

blog inderby 9

Anthony loves this slagteren for the produce, I love it for all the poor tied up dogs outside looking longingly inside…

blog norre 1

Ørsteds Parken

blog norre 2

Apparently  Natalie Zahle was ‘a pioneer on women’s education‘ and not a child demon exorcist

blog inderby 1

This building decor deserves better than being above ‘Penthouse Natklub’

blog IMG_8130

Cold day on the half-frozen lakes – Sortedams Sø

blog IMG_8129

The seagull footprints on the frozen lake surface kill me

blog IMG_8131

Someone was kind enough to knit the cherubs little scarves

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