Vores midlertidige lejlighed

Our first few weeks in Copenhagen have been spent in an apartment on Studiestræde in the middle of Indre By (or ‘Inner City’, if you have Google Translate switched on).

Blog log lady.jpg

That’s us, second floor on the right

As you can see, we are living in a hipster fantasy above a Twin Peaks themed cafe/bar. Before we leave I am definitely going to see if the cherry pie is worth a stop.

The apartment itself has everything we could have wished for in our first Danish home: all white decor, abundant fake plants, stock images of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and most critically a giant hanging lampshade obstructing the dining table. We haven’t been here long, but it’s clear that this last feature is Danish home decor 101.

By far the most endearing thing about our flat it is its proximity to the incongruously named Cosy Bar. As Homotropolis explains, ‘if sleep is rare and are you a festive night owl, then this is the place where you can cut loose until the early morning – every day’. Every day is right. We are equal parts mystified and impressed at the Danish partygoers’ stamina at 6am on a Tuesday morning. Two nights ago, I actually had a vivid dream that I was staying in Adele’s holiday house and she was singing in the shower, brought on by someone leaving Cosy Bar and singing their heart out. It was magical.

The upside to life opposite Cosy Bar is that we always know when it’s snowed overnight thanks to the noise of drunken snow-ball fights in the street as everyone makes their way home in the morning. If the revelry outside sounds unusually loud it’s time to do a quick snow check.

blog studie 16.jpg

Raiding the snow covered Fiat outside Cosy Bar

blog studie 15.jpg

Snowy scenes out our kitchen window

Another great feature of our place is the uniform height of our ceilings. The jaunty angle on the custom shaped bathroom door is… frankly unnerving.

blog studie 6.jpg

Nothing to worry about here, just the ravages of time

Unfortunately I must have taken that photo while we were both already wearing our matching parkas, so you can’t see them snuggled together in the coat-hole (I have no idea what else you call it). Oh well.


We’ve almost gone full Korean – no regrets

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