En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne

It's been a pretty busy round our place these last few weeks, mainly because we were both desperately trying to pass our Module 2 Danish language test. Thankfully we're through that hurdle, although the reward for our triumph is just to be thrown straight into the next module. Module 3 apparently represents a real step up in … Continue reading En dejlig tur gennem byen og kanalerne

Nogle kulturelle arrangementer

The last few weeks have brought with them a few interesting seasonal events. June 23, the night before midsummer, is celebrated here as Sankt Hans Aften (St John's Eve). It falls around the solstice, so it's a good excuse to be out celebrating while the days are longest, ahead of the slow descent back into winter darkness. Usually … Continue reading Nogle kulturelle arrangementer

Tilbage i Danmark

Now that we are back in Copenhagen, it's time to start properly enjoying our first Danish summer. I can't express how much I love the long days, if only because it lets us gloss over the fact we still have no electric light in half our rooms. At the moment there is still sun on the horizon up … Continue reading Tilbage i Danmark