Holy Toledo

It only took about 4 months, but I’m finally getting around to writing about our Spain trip. While in Madrid we spent our second day travelling south by train on a day trip to Toledo. It was worth the journey just for the view walking up from the station…

blog IMG_2284
Walking up to Toledo

1440 600 IMG_2283

Holy Toledo is right – the main attraction is the Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo (Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo). Toledo was already a big deal in the 13th Century and became even more important in the 16th Century as the seat of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of Spain. As a result its cathedral is pretty over the top. Apart from a bit of time spent wandering the streets most of our time was taken up exploring the cathedral.

blog IMG_2358

blog IMG_2289

blog IMG_2297
Anthony in 2-4 weeks time
blog IMG_2304
Not ones for understatement
blog IMG_2306
More is more

blog IMG_2309blog IMG_2312blog IMG_2313blog IMG_2318

blog IMG_2324
Probably on about hour three of the audio guide…
blog IMG_2326
Looking out over the town
blog IMG_2329
Views from the bell tower
blog IMG_2337
Ant’s favourite painting – part of a series ‘Great nutshots throughout history’

blog IMG_2338blog IMG_2340blog IMG_2348

blog IMG_2353
The Great Monstrance of Arfe

That last picture captures the start of one of our obsessions on this trip – monstrances. Previously unaware of this genre of treasure, we got really into them. It helps that Spain has a tonne of them lying around. They get carried around during holy processions, and look equal parts fussy and heavy.

On the gastronomic front, Toledo is home to some excellent jamon bocadillos, a local stew called carcamusa (pork, peas, tomatoes and white wine) and a  whole lot of marzipan. Sadly none of the marzipan reached the lofty heights of the La Glace marcipan gris that we dismembered over Christmas, but it was still pretty good.

blog IMG_2287
Jamon bocaddilos
blog IMG_2360
Where we got our carcamusa fix, as well as our first taste of manchego cheese
blog IMG_2763
Local delicacies
blog IMG_2369
That slab lasted us a loooong time

That’s about it for Toledo – it was a nice introduction to many staple aspects of our trip: churches, ham, local stews and atmospheric narrow streets…

blog IMG_2361
The end

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