Gåture i sne-regn

Yesterday we spent around five hours trapped in IKEA on a Saturday, only to find they didn’t have the main thing we went looking for. It was ok though because we had meatballs (kødboller) and found out that we could just order everything online without needing to drag it off shelves or pack it in a van or carry it up stairs ourselves, so on balance we counted it as a victory.

blog IMG_20160305_211312

A necessary evil

It did, however, mean our original plans for Sunday – namely, ‘assemble all the IKEA furniture before our shipping container arrives’ – went totally by the wayside. Lucky us! We can postpone that agony until later without any residual guilt. Future-us will hate that we did, but that’s their problem…

With no real plans except ‘anywhere but IKEA’, we decided to hit up Grød (‘Porridge’) in Nørrebro. We must have wanted it pretty badly because the fact it was snow-raining outside didn’t put us off.

blog IMG_8161

The arduous journey

blog IMG_8170

The promised land

blog IMG_8168

Disconcerting over-table mirror lights – clazzic Denmark

I smashed through some barley-rye-spelt with pear, licorice sugar, skyr and hazelnuts. It was so good I didn’t even resent eating spelt, whatever that even is. I also need to find more excuses to have licorice sugar, preferably on a daily basis.

Never one to leave a dish un-tweaked if customisation is an option, Ant added caramel sauce to oats with apple vanilla compote, skyr and granola. Take that, healthful regime!

The hot chocolates there are also next level. This meal fit within the ‘less than ten bucks’ category of food photography, so here is a pic:

blog IMG_8166

What looks like cucumber is actually pear

Given that we’d already fought through snow-rain to get breakfast, we ventured back through Assistens Kirkegård (cemetary) on our way home. Snow-rain does have a certain atmosphere, although it’s about a million times less excellent than straight-up snow.

blog IMG_8176

We laughed at how crazy running-guy was, then realised we were also choosing to be out in this…

blog IMG_8183


blog IMG_8179

Snowdrops – so pretty

blog IMG_8185

Hans Christian Andersen’s headstone

blog IMG_8184

Ant wants to know who Poopman is

blog IMG_8172

I want to become a patron of the arts and support the visonaries who painted this van

Now we are back home and refusing to go outside again until it stops this snow-raining caper. Someone might need to send us supplies…

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