Hej igen! (+ password info)

We’re still alive and kicking here in Denmark, though a little sweatier than normal thanks to the current heatwave. ‘Heatwave’ is of course all relative – Denmark is really just experiencing a nice warm summer akin to those you’d get in Sydney. I am not complaining, even if the ‘drought’ means that all the grass here is dead… and a fire ban put paid to all the Sankt Hans bonfires (even in the city centre)… aaaand water restrictions have closed all the kiddy pools. Droughts and fire bans and water restrictions! Its enough to make one homesick for Australia.

This is just a quick note to say that I am trying to get this poor neglected blog going again, but its probably going to have a password on it. It feels a little weird posting lots of public pics of the kid, but it’s also impossible to write about our life at present without a million pic of said kid creeping in, so this seems like a workable compromise.

The password will just be the kid’s name (first name only, all lower case) – if you know us well enough to know that, then I have no problem with you seeing what we’ve been up to! Hopefully that makes sense. I’m sure a flimsy password won’t fend off the inevitable facial recognition identity theft dystopian future apocalypse that is already in train thanks to our Zuckerbergian robo-singularity overlords, but it makes me feel vaguely responsible and empowered right now and that’s what counts, right? I trust that the six random strangers who follow this blog will understand and not be too devastated by being denied access to my brilliant commentary and stunning food photography…

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m now going for a swim instead of doing anything resembling a real post – because holy shit its 30 degrees today in Copenhagen and the harbour water is warm enough to stay in for more than ten seconds for once – but stay tuned as I try and wade through a year’s worth of photos and hazy, sleep deprived memories to try and explain where the last year went.

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