Finally, we arrive in Granada, aka the last stop on our frantic two week tour of Andalucia and home of the most impressive alcazar around, the Alhambra (#teamalcazar).

blog IMG_3543
blog IMG_3562
Our hood – the Albaicin
blog IMG_3641
Looking across to the Alhambra from our apartment
blog IMG_20170107_183528
The mighty Alhambra in all its glory

Initially built around 900 AD, the Alhambra was expanded into an opulent Nasrid dynasty palace in the 1300s by the Sultan of Granada. In the 1490s the Christian monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella took over the joint and made it their royal court, because obviously you would. They weren’t fools. The buildings are mostly made of red clay from the local area, giving it a very fetching glow along with its name (Alhambra = the red).

The very first thing one reads when planning a trip to Granada is to book Alhambra tickets immediately, so the whole trip ends up being structured around your precious ticketed time slot. We ended up with day and night visit tickets on the same day – when too much Alhambra is barely enough. Actually not true – turns out you can have too much Alhambra… this post would be twice as long had my camera not given up the ghost due to extreme overuse at the start of the night tour.

blog IMG_3440
Our entry time was ridiculously early… like dawn kind of early
blog IMG_3443
Alcazaba military area
blog IMG_3471
Nasrid Palaces

blog IMG_3456blog IMG_3457blog IMG_3458blog IMG_3459blog IMG_3466blog IMG_3475blog IMG_3478blog IMG_3487blog IMG_3486blog IMG_3490

blog IMG_3491
Court of the Lions

blog IMG_3520

blog IMG_3502
Hall of the Abencerrajes

blog IMG_3505blog IMG_3535blog IMG_3538blog IMG_20170106_210547blog IMG_20170106_210528blog IMG_20170106_205336blog IMG_3570blog IMG_3547

blog IMG_3568
Be sure to ask Ant about his TV series concept ‘The Cats of Alhambra’ next time you speak to him…
blog IMG_3573
The Partal

blog IMG_3578

blog IMG_3596
Palacio de Generalife

blog IMG_3599blog IMG_3607blog IMG_3612blog IMG_3615

blog IMG_3616
This staircase had water rushing down the bannister channels – defs going in my Grand Designs dream house
blog IMG_3634
Palacio de Carlos V

blog IMG_3635


blog IMG_3676
Night visit to the Nasrid Palaces

blog IMG_3682blog IMG_3654

blog IMG_3673
More plot inspiration for ‘The Cats of Alhambra’…

Aaaand that’s the end of that, thanks to Canon’s workmanship and the Alhambra’s ridiculous opulence causing sudden and traumatic camera death. Despite the technological casualties, it was cool getting a chance to visit the Nasrid palaces twice – we definitely saw a few new things the second time round. Upon reflection, we have one key piece of advice for future Andalusian travellers: visit the Alhambra last, or the other alcazars on your trip will pale in comparison.

The following day – our last non-travel day of the trip – was spent in a much less structured manner. We’d heard about Granada’s street art scene – spearheaded by El Niño de las Pinturas (‘the Child of the Paintings’ aka ‘Granada’s Banksy’) – so went to find some examples.

blog IMG_20170107_121830blog IMG_20170107_122206blog IMG_20170107_122303blog IMG_20170107_123133blog IMG_20170107_123249blog IMG_20170107_123419blog IMG_20170107_123559blog IMG_20170107_124047

Pretty good. Of course, I was mostly motivated by wanting to take my unborn child on a spiritual pilgrimage to the Placeta Joe Strummer. In his own words, Joe reacted to the demise of the Clash in the 80s as follows: “I just went, ‘Well fuck this,’ and fucked off to the mountains of Spain to sit sobbing under a palm tree”. It seems fitting that there is now a city square in Granada named after him, even if some inconsiderate crack head has since painted over the accompanying mural.

blog IMG_20170107_124337
Highlight of the trip
blog IMG_20170107_124211240
A total dick move

We also ate some more tapas and drank some suitably local beer and hiked up above the city to watch the sunset. In a cruel twist of fate, non-alcoholic beer is given the total misnomer of ‘Alhambra Sin’… uh, more like ‘Alhambra Lame’ or something, amirite?

blog IMG_3645
His ‘n’ hers cervesas
blog IMG_20170107_134826508
Taberna la Tana – tomato never tasted so good
blog IMG_20170107_145543979
A large and intense mound of Morcilla blood sausage that almost defeated Ant
blog IMG_20170107_175751761_HDR
View from Ermita de San Miguel Alto
blog IMG_20170107_180315604_HDR
One last sneaky Alhambra shot

And so ends our Spanish odyssey – now I just need to start planning a return trip once I am allowed to drink wine and eat ham and other suspect meat products again…

2 thoughts on “Granada

  1. This blog has been your best. I have been to the Alhambra but your photos make me think I saw nothing. Your images are spectacular from the light as you first entered to capturing all the exquisite detail. Thanks for sharing all in the blog. I am sure all the baby blogs to come will outstrip all this with your wit and humour, but your photos and your words were so special this time. T

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Toni – if it makes you feel better, I felt like I was seeing it all again for the first time when going through the photos too!! I had nearly forgotten half of what we saw by the time I got around to writing it up (serves me right for leaving it so long) 🙂 I am interested to see what happens in my transition to ‘mummy blogger’ too… it should provide some fertile territory!


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