Gå hjem fra Islands Brygge

Københavns Havn (actually it's name, not a typo) looked pretty good walking home from Islands Brygge on a very cold but very still night last week.


Kongens Have

Before we even had the keys to our new place we panicked about living without a couch, so went out and found a suitably Scando one. You can learn all about this magical experience by watching this video that I got sent today. It's really up there as being one of the strangest things I've ever received. Enjoy. … Continue reading Kongens Have

Fastelavn på Christianshavn

Our weekend of loosely structured house hunting happened to coincide with Fastelavn. It is a religious festival in Scandinavia that has its origins in Carnival and Lent - sadly my complete lack of religious education* prevents me from shedding any more light on the matter than that. We were, however, filled with born again religious fervor to celebrate Fastelavn when we … Continue reading Fastelavn på Christianshavn

Hus jagt og sightseeing

On our (well, my) first full weekend in København we were thrown into the deep end of house hunting. Turns out it's impossible to decide where you want to live if you haven't been anywhere except your immediate neighbourhood, so we spent the whole weekend wandering to every far flung house on our list of potential places. It ended … Continue reading Hus jagt og sightseeing

Omkring vores nabolag

Given that we don't have bikes yet, most of our exploring has been confined to the areas near our flat. We've spent a lot of time around Nørreport Station and up near the Lakes. These areas are lovely and busy and interesting, so it isn't exactly a hardship... Apparently the busiest railway station in the country The … Continue reading Omkring vores nabolag