Billedet og virkeligheden

This post is dedicated to the people who have stoically read this blog and kindly asked whether København is really as pretty as the photos would imply. Yes! Of course it is. It’s super smukke*. Would I lie to you, on the internet of all places?

I will, however, show you what the majority of my mad photography skillz are actually being directed towards… taking photos on my phone to run through Google Translate. It’s such a miracle, we are, like, living in the future, man. Google can basically have all my metadata forever and ever, even if it ultimately means I end up living out a real-life Matrix scenario, based solely on how grateful I am for this tech. Anyone who moved to a foreign country before it existed is a fool and I pity them.

Anyway, here is a greatest hits collection from the last week or so – brace yourself for intense jealousy because these are some high-end glamorous Euro-life insights:

First up we have the time that the supermarket had 50 percent off all frozen goods for the whole weekend because their deep freezer was being replaced on Monday. Run, don’t walk! (Not going to lie, we did actually go back later to exploit this sale).

Next up we have me trying to decipher the instructions on a bottle of 32% Acetic Acid for descaling the kettle (which is adorably called the el-kedler). Hard water is the worst. It’s fast becoming my Danish nemesis and will no doubt get it’s own post when I am next suitably enraged by it. Something to really look forward to you guys! On the plus side, this stuff doesn’t mess around, it felt satisfyingly like being back in a lab – it brought a real element of danger to household cleaning that I have clearly been missing on some subconscious level since quitting chemistry.

Similarly, we have a dishwasher now. Hence the third picture. I never knew you had to put three different things in there to keep it happy, including a big pile of salt. I already hate and resent it, but Ant loves that we finally have a mechanical dish servant after so many years without one so I’ll have to get along with it and tend to its many needs.

Finally, we come to my all time favourite. Not sure this will ever get dethroned from that position. I took this photo while checking out the yard at our new place. Imagine my joy upon deciphering the following:

Help us to combat rats

Bahahaha. Um, I guess I should? What does it entail? (Apparently just shutting the bin lids, so seems like a pretty low-key war is being waged).

So there you go – for every postcard-worthy photo on my phone there are about ten photos of official notices and/or household products and/or call to arms against rats.

Stay tuned to see how the fight against rats goes in our new rat-infested dwelling! Maybe we can befriend one and keep it as a pet…

Going to end on something a bit nicer than the rat notice…

* Dansk for beautiful

2 thoughts on “Billedet og virkeligheden

    1. Ha, thanks Mim! I’d be surprised if ‘Rat Warfare Denmark’ isn’t already a reality show over here – we’ve seen some pretty obscure TV!


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